Financial literacy

NBK Launches “Bankee” Financial Literacy Program in Schools

  • Al-Fulaij: Education is the only path for the progress of nations, and we strongly believe in the need for concerted efforts to develop it
  • NBK has a rich record of active participation in supporting government efforts and community development
  • The NBK is committed to supporting national initiatives for the development of education and the improvement of financial literacy in all segments of society
  • Al-Maqseed: “Bankee” is an innovative initiative that gives students the opportunity to participate in a practical program that helps them shape their character
  • Caring for the school environment makes school more attractive for students and integrates with teaching materials
  • Al-Hammad: The initiative allows the values ​​promoted by Nazaha to be integrated into the applied educational activities offered in the program

The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Anti-Corruption Authority of Kuwait (Nazaha), has launched the “Bankee” program in selected schools in Kuwait. The program aims to increase students’ financial literacy by introducing them to financial literacy in a hands-on and experientially engaging way.

“Bankee” is the first program of its kind introduced by NBK for the company, as part of efforts to promote financial inclusion, especially among school students, to ensure literacy is increased and maintained. finance among members of society in the future. .

The program aims to familiarize students with basic financial terminology and practices like earning, spending, and saving money, as well as financial responsibilities while upholding integrity and values. This is done by simulating the real word economy in the classroom using applied learning and gamification techniques.

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Salah Al-Fulaij, CEO of National Bank of Kuwait – Kuwait said: “Education is the cornerstone and the only way for the progress of nations. We strongly believe in the need for concerted efforts to achieve this goal, as the responsibility is not limited to government only, but extends to the whole community, including the family, the private sector and organizations of Civil society.

“The Bankee program, which was designed by NBK for students in Kuwait, represents the collaborative efforts of different actors in society. It reflects the very advanced techniques of modern education based on interaction and simulation, and focused on the development of behaviors and practices as well as the enrichment of knowledge,” he added.

Al-Fulaij noted that NBK has a rich record of active participation in supporting government efforts and community development, as well as its huge social investments in all areas, especially education. Over these years, NBK has demonstrated a model of private sector contribution in supporting development efforts and community outreach and participation.

Al-Fulaij concluded by emphasizing that the NBK is committed to supporting all national initiatives for the development of education and exerting efforts to achieve financial inclusion and spreading financial education in all segments of the society.

For his part, Mr. Faisal Al-Maqseed, Deputy Undersecretary for Education Development at the Ministry of Education, said: “I would like to thank NBK and all participants in the innovative ‘Bankee’ program, which aims to improve the educational environment for students by providing them with the opportunity to participate in a hands-on program that helps shape their character.”

Al-Maqseed added, “Caring for the school environment and applied educational activities helps to make school more attractive to students and integrates with teaching materials.

“We hope this program will help provide various hands-on activities and succeed in broadening students’ knowledge,” he concluded.

For his part, Eng. Abrar Al-Hammad, Under-Secretary General for the Prevention Sector in Nazaha, commented on the initiative saying: “Inculcating the values ​​and concepts of integrity and transparency in the education system is one of the main tools for preventing corruption.”

She stressed that the promotion and awareness of human values ​​and the protection of society serve to achieve the objectives of Nazaha, including the protection of public money.

Al-Hammad concluded by stating that the “Bankee” initiative was developed to simulate values ​​through financial literacy and the applied educational activities offered by the program.

NBK was founded with a mission to provide financial services and create positive impact in the State of Kuwait and the community. For decades, NBK has contributed through substantial community investments in health care, education and youth.

NBK uses its efforts and capabilities to create fruitful cooperation with all government institutions and civil society for the development of society and human resources. This corresponds to the bank’s belief that people are the essential pillar of growth and prosperity, especially in the field of education, to which the bank provides all kinds of support to develop it.