Financial security

Menstrual Health, Financial Security Workshop on Saturday

A municipal foundation is organizing workshops for the well-being and empowerment of women on November 12.

World of Women (WOW) is hosting a workshop on women’s menstrual health and hygiene, and Finwin, a nonprofit initiative, is hosting a session on financial literacy awareness.

Shikha Golchha, president of WOW, says the group wants to “lift the taboo around menstruation” since the subject is not discussed openly.

The event will target 200 residents of the Weavers Colony slums and the Gottigere slum near Bannerghatta Road. Menstrual kits including a supply of sanitary napkins for one year will be given to participants. The group is also researching sustainable menstrual product options for the upcoming campaign, she adds.

Workshops will include tips on the importance of bathing during the menstrual cycle, staying clean and changing sanitary pads at regular intervals, maintaining sexual health and wellbeing during the menstrual cycle, and more.

“Based on a menstrual health book called ‘Rutuchakra’, we will also share information on foods that can be eaten during menstruation, things to avoid, and a demonstration of yoga postures to deal with cramps and body aches,” she says.

The group is available to replicate these sessions in schools and for various groups and communities depending on the target age group.

A financial literacy session is being held alongside the workshop to make “the event more powerful and share more knowledge with these women,” adds Shikha.

Anaya Jethanandani, 17, who runs the financial literacy session for women, started Finwin in January 2021. In an attempt to help her cook, who was in an abusive relationship, Anaya helped her open a bank account and helped him understand the importance of budgeting, saving and financial independence.

After this incident, she conducted a pilot program for 20 other domestic workers.

“When we talk about women’s empowerment, we always talk about having confidence and self-esteem, but we don’t often talk about how to achieve them. I want to focus on those aspects,” she says.

* Search or call 93413 98777 for more details on WOW. To learn more about Finwin, visit @finwinorg on Instagram or email