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survey shows non-bank financial institutions prioritize security, compliance and efficiency | News

Atlanta, Georgia, May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Strategic Treasurer and Kyriba release the results of the Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFI) survey. The survey questions probed NBFIs on their plans, activities and priorities and collected details ranging from account usage to AI/ML adoption and collateral management. The results clarify where the NBFIs are currently in their operational structure and what priorities they will focus on in the short term.

Key findings included the following:

1. Security and fraud prevention, compliance and efficiency. The survey asked respondents to rank seven competing demands in order of priority. Looking at the most chosen options as first and second priorities, security and fraud prevention was a clear concern at 66%, with compliance second at 45% and efficiency (related to process) lagging but still significant at 33%.

2. Disbursement preferences: personnel, technology, structure. Nearly half of the NBFIs surveyed use or implement centralized staffing (payment factory, shared services center of excellence), while another half use/implement specialized technology such as a hub of payment. Payments on behalf of (POBO) is lagging in current usage, but expected adoption is robust.

3. Comparative analysis: personal best. The majority of NBFIs (62%) focus on metrics that compare their current performance to their historical performance. The rest largely compare to companies in similar industries, while some also compare to those of comparable size or level of complexity.

“The results are clear, AI and machine learning are key growth areas for companies that prioritize security and fraud prevention,” said Steve Bullock, vice president of financial services. and insurance at Kyriba. “This year’s survey builds on the previous iteration and expands the respondent pool to include the entire NBFI industry vertical, generating more detailed and focused results than the previous year, which only was only about insurance companies.”

The NBFIs are a unique group of organizations with a unique set of pain points and goals. The results explore the priorities of this under-examined vertical. Craig Jeffery, Founder and Managing Partner of Strategic Treasurer, shares his thoughts on NBFIs ranking security/fraud as their top priority.

“Costs and reputational damage are serious concerns for any business. NBFIs are highly regulated, and the fines, fees, and reputational damage that comes with ignoring people makes compliance a top priority. Seeing payment-intensive companies place such a high priority on security and fraud prevention is important for this industry vertical and instructive for other industries,” Jeffery said.

The NBFI survey asked more than 40 questions and was asked by more than 70 respondents to CFOs, treasury and cash managers, where 64% of surveyed companies’ annual revenues exceeded $1 billion, including more of 10 billion dollars for 27% of all questioned. The vast majority were North American companies (91%). This survey is designed as a benchmarking guide for corporate treasury. More detailed survey results are available via a downloadable report and webinar today, May 12 at 2:00 p.m. EDT. The webinar features Craig Jeffery from Strategic Treasurer and Steve Bullock from Kyriba. Replays will be available on the Strategic Treasurer’s website after the event.

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