Financial literacy

Pushing to improve the financial literacy of female investors

BICM workshop

During a workshop, experts suggested improving the financial knowledge of women investors in order to increase their participation in the capital market.

They stated that if female investors come into the market with prior knowledge of the market and safe investment strategies, they can reduce their investment risks.

The workshop titled “Towards Greater Participation of Women Investors in the Bangladesh Capital Market” was held at the multi-purpose hall of the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) on Tuesday.

The Bangladesh Capital Market Institute (BICM) organized the workshop which was attended by around 150 female investors and professionals.

“Female investors should be equipped with financial knowledge before investing in the capital market,” said Shaikh Shamsuddin Ahmed, Commissioner of BSEC.

He also said that the securities regulator is working to improve the level of investment security in the capital market.

The number of female investors is still low compared to the expanding capital market, Mr. Ahmed said.

However, the number of female investors is currently increasing following the upward trend in the market with companies with good fundamentals listing in the market, he added.

Another BSEC commissioner, Dr. Rumana Islam, also focused on increasing the literacy level of female investors.

Currently, the number of active BO (Beneficial Owners) accounts is over 2.06 million.

Of the total BO accounts, approximately 0.51 million accounts belong to female investors as of June 14, 2022.

Khugesta Nur-E-Naharin, Managing Director of Modern Securities, Tania Sharmin, Managing Director of CAPM Advisory Ltd., Kamrun Nahar, Managing Director of NBL Capital and Equity Management, were present at the workshop chaired by the Executive Chairman of BICM , Dr. Mahmuda. Akter.

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