Financial literacy

National Bonds, Taaleem to foster financial literacy among UAE youth

National Bonds has announced its collaboration with Taaleem, one of the leading education providers in the United Arab Emirates, to develop essential financial planning skills in children of all ages.

The partnership will see the launch of an educational campaign with more than 15,000 students who are part of Taaleem schools in the United Arab Emirates.

The campaign will seek to educate people about the importance of saving and making responsible financial decisions throughout their lives.

The partnership will enable National Bonds to deliver insightful and interactive seminars and information kits across the network of 12 Taaleem schools. In addition, National Bonds has launched an innovative savings program “The Junior Savings Account” to give students and their parents the tools to start saving for their future.

Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, CEO of National Bonds Group, said: “As financial planning is so important to our happiness and peace of mind, it is often an area where we develop the learnings and skills far too late in the day. life. Managing our finances is an essential life skill that must be taught and mastered early so that we are able to fight the pitfalls of debt and stay ahead of our spending while having great savings. . According to our savings index, only 56% of people living in the United Arab Emirates believe that they put aside enough money per month for their child’s education. Furthermore, only 18% of Emirati regular savers are concerned about saving for their child’s education as the main reason for long-term saving. These facts confirm the importance of this initiative.

“Our goal throughout this partnership is to upskill young people and increase their knowledge of financial lifecycle needs, debt management and savings so that they are well positioned to achieve their goals. Taaleem’s extensive network of schools and their vision of providing students with an essential education has enabled us to deliver this important message to young people.Through these programs, which support the longer-term vision of the UAE United, we want to realize a future where every person is equipped to lead a more financially stable life.

Echoing similar sentiments, Alan Williamson, CEO of Taaleem, said, “Taaleem has become one of the first National Bond partners to initiate this financial education movement for students as well as educators across all Taaleem schools. . As with any good habit, we believe that acquiring financial knowledge should start at an early age. We are very excited about this collaboration and are convinced of the enormous benefits that our students, parents and staff will derive from this partnership. »

The National Bonds Junior Savings Account is a savings plan that gives parents of young children and students the flexibility to save as much or as little as they want each month, while giving them the flexibility to part of the exclusive prizes reserved for juniors in the National Bond Rewards Program.

Another key program is the Global Savings Club which has been tailored to education professionals and Taaleem employees to help them enjoy the benefits of a savings account, strengthen their savings safety net and access a host of Global Savings Club benefits.